General information on tours

As part of the simple tastings – without meals- the tours of the property are optional and extra.

The tour consists of a small walk through the heart of the property with one of our sommeliers.

Each visit includes the discovery of our vineyard, “Le Clos des Meix”, monopoly of the Estate, planted in an area of appellation of the Corton Grands Crus and embellished with a discussion of the landscape with a reminder of the fundamentals to know about Burgundy wines.

Finally, it concludes with a glimpse of our 13th century cellar, formerly used by the ancestors of Domaine Senard and now a demonstration cellar.

We re-establish that the winery is located on another site and cannot be visited.

If you choose a package with a visit, it is generally proposed first, before the tasting.

If, for logistical reasons, it cannot be done before, it will be done after the tasting.

It is scheduled by appointment, at the time of booking.
From 1 to 9 people, duration is approximatively 15 to 20 mn.
From 10 to 19 people, it lasts approximatively 20 to 30 min.
From 20 people, between 30 and 40 min.

This duration is to be counted in addition to the time of the tasting.

For information, access to the 13th century cellar is made by a staircase of 15 steps.

The cellar has a natural temperature of 14°C approx. throughout the year (please bring adequate clothing).

Domaine Senard is private property, visits are only made accompanied by our sommeliers.

Unaccompanied visits are not possible within the Property.


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