The Table d’Hôtes, what is it?

The lunches offered at the Table d’Hôtes consists of a tasting of the Domaine wines during a Burgundian Meal.

It is in the warm and friendly atmosphere of our dining room that our sommeliers, Manon, Baptiste, and Enzo, will welcome you with joy to give you their advice and help you discover the prestigious range of wines from the Domaine.

This Experience will allow you to enjoy bold food-wine pairings in harmony with a simple and local meal, made in the most authentic Burgundy tradition.

These lunches are delivered each morning by our caterers and are only possible by reservation.

The lunches come in packages that each include:

The wine tasting*
A simple and unique meal
The sommelier’s explanations throughout the meal
A tour of the property

*7 cl per glass and by appellation