Elaborating fine wine relies primarily on the quality of the raw material.

It is for this reason that we insist on taking great care during all phases of the vine’s natural cycle and remain respectful to both plant and its environment. It is therefore no surprise that we have opted for a sustainable-organic approach that best suits our convictions: the non-use of herbicides and insecticides, sustainable grass-covering and ploughing techniques throughout the Estate…

Following strict checking of the vine’s maturity, harvesting is carried out by hand. A first sorting is done manually by the harvesting team followed by a second sorting when the grapes arrive at the winery, with the help of a sorting table. According to the yield’s condition we decide whether to entirely or partially de-stem, or not to de-stem at all.

At the Estate, the 2012 vintage was entirely made with whole grape bunches.

The wine must is then cooled down and maintained at low temperature for a period of between 5 to 12 days. This pre-fermentation phase favours the extraction of precious components found inside the grape’s skin and consequently increases the aromatic complexity and taste of the wines and helps to enhance their colour.

After a soft and well-controlled pressing, our wines are aged in oaks barrels for 18 months. We use a ratio of 1/3 new barrels, 1/3 barrels previously used once, and 1/3 in two-year old barrels).

Pruning during winter

Spring and summer tasks


Winemaking, red and white

Aging in oak barrels