Other details

・Languages spoken: French, English.

・The WIFI is only available in the Tasting Cellar and the VIP space.

・Pets are allowed.

To please your loved ones, Gift Vouchers in the form of Tastings in the Cellar, Lunch at the Table d’Hôtes, or vouchers for wine are possible on request.

Note that apart from the optional appetizers that can accompany a tasting, no meals are served in the Tasting Cellar.

If you prefer to choose a Wine Tasting Lunch at the Table d’Hôtes, we recommend that you taste the wines during the meal, as provided by the proposed packages, without first tasting in the Tasting Cellar.

However, if you wish to have a tasting before the meal, it will be an extra charge according to our current rates (except the free discovery package).


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