Origin of our products and Caterers

The dishes we serve at the Table d’Hôtes are 100% French and 95% local.

It is important to note that we do not have a chef in the kitchen.
We work with many Caterers from Beaune who deliver the dishes to us, every morning, according to the confirmed reservations.

This explains why we cannot accept customers who have not reserved, but also why we cannot change or modify the classic meal initially served for last minute requests.
The meal of each person that we order from the caterers (between 1 week and 48h before the date of reservation) is charged to us.

Any last minute changes pose several problems: other requests for reservations may be refused, the food may be lost, and we will be billed no matter what.
In other words, to the extent that the reservation is firmly confirmed, we really rely on the commitment of our customers.

In case of a cancellation of the meal (total or partial) or a modification of the menu, fees may apply.
In addition, a deposit will be required in certain cases.

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