Package 6 Grands Crus

Package 6 Grands Crus: 140.00 € TTC / pers.

Recommended for experienced tasters, already having experience of Burgundy wines and especially Grands Crus.

It includes:

o 6 Corton Grands Crus.
o 1 to 2 white(s) and 4 to 5 reds.

Approximate duration according to the number of people, including: the meal, the visit, and in case of any purchases at the shop:

From 1 to 8 people: +/- 2h15

From 9 to 14 people: +/- 2h30

From 15 to 25 people: +/- 2h45



As part of the wine tasting lunches – visits of the property are automatically included in each package.
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