General information about the wine tasting lunch packages

The tasting concerns exclusively the Domaine’s wines, with more red wines than white wines.

The selection of wines is chosen beforehand by us.
We try to alternate the young and old vintages according to our supply.

However, we remain available for special requests.
In case of a modification of the initial package (tasting portion, types of wine, preference for a dominant white/red, etc.), these changes will lead to a revaluation of the rate of the tasting.

The duration of the service varies according to the size of the group and the chosen wine package.

These packages are not combinable with those of the Tasting Cellar.

Please note that the free tasting in the Tasting Cellar (limit of 8 people and intended for individuals) does not apply to a lunch at the Table d’Hôtes.

The service is private for each reservation, the tours and lunches are personalized to each arrangement.
There are no “collective rounds” with all the tables at the same time (with exceptions).
For this reason, it is important to respect the time slot indicated to you during the booking confirmation.

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