Package from 20 to 30 people


1 – Essential – 4 wines,
Suitable for an essential discovery and/or a first approach of Burgundy wines.
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2 – Personalized Connoisseur – 4 Grands Crus,
Recommended for experienced tasters, already having experience of Burgundy wines and especially Grands Crus.
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3 – Tailor Made,
Ask to our sommeliers how many and which kind of wines you would like to taste.

They will compose for you only a special personalized wine tasting!
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Each package includes:

A selection of wines from the Domaine, commented on by our sommeliers

In young and/or old vintages

For a tasting of 3.5 cl per glass / per person

For any purchase beyond the total amount of the tasting, the tasting will be
FREE (except the deposit)*


*This condition does not apply to tourism professionals or intermediaries who have already redeemed a service from their customers who buy wine and to whom it will be charged

It also does not apply to clients who buy wine and who already paid up-front for a service with tourism professionals or intermediaries.


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