A Flower of water


Nathalie Razavet

How to present an artist passionate about different techniques… different media… different pigment? Without doubt, by telling her story.

For many years the passion of art, performance, drawing, and painting have been part of the environment of Nathalie Razavet. It is a family story, a childhood dream, a passion fueled by travels, but also built by the attendance of different workshops and through contact with painters and engravers, both “Masters” and Friends.

She exhibits in Paris, Burgundy and abroad, in oils, pastels, engravings, monotypes, and mixed techniques.

Today, installed in the heart of Burgundy in a large studio, she continues her research, paintings, frescoes, etchings, and especially monotypes. Her encounters with the Vineyards, the Winemakers, and the Wines of Burgundy have helped her discover a new source of inspiration.

Nature and gardens are also sources of inspiration. They allow her to move from Figurative to Abstract art forms. The discovery of pigments, first in India and then in Roussillon, gives her the opportunity to introduce colors and natural materials to vibrate the canvas, paper, and even the walls!

There will be a series of paintings presented atDomaine Senard : “A Flower of Water”.