The Ubonani Expedition

The Ubonani Expedition is an adventure guided by nature, wildlife and discoveries. This trip will give you a unique experience of the South African bush and will bring you back to the wild side.

I am French and passionate about nature, I love the environment in which I evolve, I always want to explore more, and I offer you to share it with me! On foot or in the game-viewer, I will accompany you, to discover the beauties of the savannah.

My passion for wildlife conservation, and the protection of the environment in the company of amazing people who share the same desire for adventure, are the heart of my project.

This idea was born to raise awareness about endangered species, to share incredible experiences, and to live unique moments.

A 3 day trail in the African bush, camping under the stars while listening to lions, following the tracks of elephants… Explore the reserve in a game-viewer under the gaze of giraffes. It is possible and these will be memories that mark a lifetime.


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