Let yourself be swept away by the natural charm, humility and cheer of this outstanding winemaker. You will instantly fall for this woman and her wines.


The vineyard I work today, I received them from my grand-father’s daughter, my mother. The estate I manage counts 2,33 vines’ hectares :

POUILLY-FUISSE, only in the village of Fuissé                                                                 1,150 ha

Vers Crâs (climat), Vers Chânes, Les Gaulias, La Dame Charnay

POUILLY-VINZELLES, in the village of Vinzelles                                                            0,134 ha

Les Longeays (climat)

MACON FUISSE, in the village of Fuissé                                                                              0,730 ha

Long Poil, Les Perrières

MACON VILLAGES, in the village of Solutré Pouilly                                                         0,307 ha

Au rompay


The estate exists since 2000, when I decided to settle in order to make my own wine. At first, I choose to take my time to be able to understand and to do correctly the job in the vineyards. It was also the opportunity to learn more than at school, especially with my mother…

In 2005, I have made the choice to make wine by myself… with the help of my boyfriend and of my parents : 1 200 bottles of POUILLY-FUISSE ! Very few for this first vintage… but successful !

Today we are able to produce the following quantities per year :


POUILLY-FUISSE “classic”                                               7 000 bottles.

This “cuvée” is a blend of “Vers Chânes” grapes, a place where our vineyards are in average 55 years-old.


POUILLY-FUISSE “Vers Crâs”                         2 500 bottles

This « cuvée » is produced thanks to a 65 years-old vineyard, planted on a limestone soil.


POUILLY-VINZELLES “Les Longeays”          600 bottles

This one is our “baby”: a small vineyard, like a garden, 100 years-old, located on a very well exposed hill-side on clay.


MACON FUISSE                                                         4 500 bottles

Two vineyards, located in Fuissé, are dedicated to the production of our Mâcon, what explains we can name them MACON FUISSE. They are 30 years-old and planted on mostly clay and limestone soils.


MACON Villages “Les Amandiers”                 2 700 bottles, not available before spring 2012

This « cuvée » comes from a lonely vineyard located on the top of “Mont Pouilly”, on a clay soil which will allow us to produce a very typical Mâcon Villages.


SAINT VERAN “A la côte”                                     3 300 bottles, not available before spring 2012

We do not have vineyards in Saint Véran, so we choose to buy grapes from a colleague in order to enlarge our range of wines and let our customers discover an other great white wine from south Burgundy.


Let us be a little “technical”…


We work in our vineyards all year long. Every job is done by hand: from pruning to cutting grapes. We practice ploughing and scraping, we try not to use herbicid.

Our unique grape variety is CHARDONNAY, the king of Burgundy. We have traditional practices in order to respect our “terroir”, our vineyards, our grapes in order to be able to make wines directly connected to soil and grapes.

The wine-making and the wine-aging are done or in second-hand and few new oak barrels for the POUILLY-FUISSE, SAINT VERAN and POUILLY-VINZELLES, or in tanks for the MACON.

Our philosophy : simplicity and respect of the “traditional way of doing”. Of course, we respect also the vintage and try to do the best we can to offer our customers great Burgundy wines.




F6 71960 FUISSE

03 85 35 66 41/06 08 31 56 79

[email protected]


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